1. Mumbler

    I suddenly feel like a cylon with a broken eye scanner. right-middle-right-middle….

  2. I’m on my way ladies. Don’t start the party without me.

  3. Close – pull the hat down a little lower…

  4. Big Ern

    Blondes: Hi!
    Not you
    (looks at Kelly)

  5. cc

    The blonde looks like Sienna Miller. Like I care.

  6. Take note, ladies. This is how its done. Surround yourself on either side with a couple of uggos and your already breathtaking body seems even more grand in comparison.

  7. She’s been uploading some *very* good videos lately to Instagram.

    She’s basically been swimming and drinking for the past 2 weeks off the coast of greece.

  8. I get can on board with the 70′s boat trip photo album trend.

  9. Sorry fanboys, the right blonde makes her look like the ugly friend here.

  10. Every time I see her my inner teen chav pops out and thinks “Them tits are phenom, in it?”

  11. The psychedelic blue brings out her boobs.

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