1. aj

    Don’t pop that zit!

  2. EricLR

    Uh, guys, as interesting as Carrie Fisher’s clit size is—we were really kind of hoping for a discussion of more conventional Star Wars topics

  3. Using the force to peg a dwarf with a tiny tennis ball. My life is complete now.

  4. “Your light sabre would be this long.”

  5. Mark Hamill is so awesome. His voice over work is legendary.

  6. “Really, Mr. Hamill? But if you were that close, what kept you from having sex with Chewbacca?”

  7. Jenn

    No kidding, I saw it, George’s dick is this big. It explains all the years of cinematic masturbation on those same 3 movies. He’s got nothing else to play with.

  8. I am crushing your head, I am crushing your head!

  9. Hugh Jazz

    “I find your lack of height disturbing. Your normal-size hands make it worse.”

  10. Was Warwick an Ewok?

    • Booberry

      Warwick indeed was an Ewok but he prefers people to refer to his role as a little bear and not an Ewok.

  11. cc

    As the years have advanced, all I am able to levitate is an M&M. See?

  12. Pickle Nose

    He was available.

  13. WTF is that on his face? Is that a new planet?

  14. SupaDupa

    I think Mark is just playing catch with Warwick’s tennis ball…

  15. john

    His voice over work as the Joker is so much better then his normal acting ability

  16. Deacon Jones

    Mark Hamill’s face look’s like Arnold’s when he got dumped onto the surface of Mars in “Total Recall”

  17. The Force is fattening.

  18. Brit

    And to illustrate my point, by using the force, your Mercedes outside has just been reduced to a size more suitable for European road conditions.

  19. The Pope

    “…and the wart on my balls is about this big.”

  20. “As loser of our bet, I Mark Hamill, hereby publically declare Warwick’s to be this much longer. Happy?”

  21. “Moving Kix cereal is one thing. This is totally different.”

    “Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hm?”

  22. “You know those little vienna sausages that come in a pull top can? I could eat a million of them!”

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