you could drown an elephant in my panties right now

  2. K-Tron

    …and yet, when a MAN gets turned on by a picture with a baby in it, it’s creepy

  3. Juju

    Wouldn’t it be funny if the baby inherited her mother’s nose? The one before the rhinoplasty, I mean.

  4. Jarrod

    “And she shall be named, Pepper. Pepper Corn Hemsworth!”

  5. cc

    I’m glad his wife vetoed Sri Lanka Chrysanthemum.

  6. lily

    DILF. his lil bro is still hotter though ;)

  7. “I am beholden to this human grub.”

  8. nope

    Adorable. And I know it’s wrong to be thinking this when I’m looking at a picture of a man holding his baby, but DAMN I’d like to fuck him. Those shoulders!

  9. journalschism

    Two seconds later? Hulk fist.

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