1. mrsmass

    waiting for an orca to come right up on the beach and swallow these two blonde bitches whole.

  2. Exactly like that cute Coppertone ad…only with a whore.

  3. The Brown Streak

    Wow…it is really hard typing with just one hand right now….what? I had an itch. What did you think I was doing?

  4. Glassman

    Very cute and very nice.

  5. Visible Ink

    I want that fluffy, cute little thing! The dog is cute too.

  6. cc

    Have to say….she looks very pleasing to the eye in this picture.

  7. Endo

    She’s alright. Not enough curves.

    • lg

      Needs about ten more pounds to get a better waist-hip ratio.

      • what?

        not everyone store fat in the same areas. ashley tisdale’s body type is likely to gain weight in her midsection rather than her hips.

      • lily

        she doesnt need to gain ten pounds. everyone on this site is brainwashed by fat american culture. its nice to see a thin in shape women who takes care of herself rather than a soft untoned slob

      • lily is a jealous pig

        No, dummy. The ones who are brainwashed are idiots like yourself who think models 30 lbs below their healthy BMI are actually normal.:) You wouldn’t be saying this shit if you weren’t bombarded everyday with images of girls bonier than bio lab skeletons. So stfu about “brainwashing”. You are a walking example of it.

        Ashley is actually normal compared to the average crackwhore posted on this site. But she definitely could carry 10 more pounds and look even hotter.

        Stop being a sheep and learn what overweight, underweight and healthy actually mean according to medicine and not those rags that tell you a 90 pound half-dead skeletor is supposed to be sexy.

      • mismy

        STFU Tony, seriously let it go!! America is a FAT-ASS country, more people are now obese than overweight… It’s not ok to be out of shape, & women who are thin are natural, not stuffing their fat faces all day. Bet you haven’t seen your dick in years you fat fuck.

      • lily is a jealous pig

        First, who the fuck is Tony, dumbass? Second, no one here is advocating being a FAT-ASS so shut your brainwashed ass up.

        Those girls you think are normal are actually just as unhealthy as a fat woman. And they’re just as ugly too. They’re only the opposite side of the coin. Think for yourself, fool.

      • mismy

        So…I’m brainwashed because I don’t join the majority & get fat?? Food is for nutrition & survival. If you are fat & unhealthy, you are doing it wrong.
        Do you even know what’s in the grease, lard, hormone, steroid & pesticide-filled garbage that you shovel into your gross body all the time? Talk about “brainwashed sheep”, you are mistaken in your beliefs & need to wake up sir.

      • “So…I’m brainwashed because I don’t join the majority & get fat??”

        No, dummy. You’re brainwashed because you have no clue what normal or fat really is. Just like the rest of the sheep getting their clues from gay fashion designers your idea of normal is someone who is way below their normal weight range and just as at risk for health problems as a fat person. If being thin by itself was a sign of health then meth-heads an heroin addicts would all be fitness models. Learn to think for yourself.

      • mismy

        I should by know not to feed the trolls… uh oh I said “feed”… now he’s excited!!

      • ^Actually that probably triggered you to force-vomit and cut yourself:)

      • Mike Walker

        Another Toni shit mult.

      • lily

        @ lily is a jealous pig. Are you a doctor? Are you qualified to say a woman is unhealthy by looking at a photo of her? No. You just sound like an immature teenage boy who has been shot down by one to many thin women. FYI there is no one size fits all for a healthy weight. The BMI scale is severely flawed as it does not take bone structure into account. Some people are big boned (Jessica biel), small boned (candice swanepoel), etc and can carry weight differently. Ashley Tisdale is healthy and fit, she has a small athletic frame and 10 pounds on her is not necessary. Not saying she would look fat with 10 pounds on her as you assume. By saying she needs to gain 10 pounds you just sound like another ignorant fat self loathing male who has probably never seen the inside of a gym or knows the first thing about health. so sorry good looking girls like Tisdale don’t want you, get over it and put a sock in it, you fat fuck

  8. lily

    I love her…now this is an example of an in shape female who takes care of herself….look how beautiful her skin is! no jiggling going on on this body!

  9. get serious

    “Now, Ms. Tisdale, I need you to run down the beach posing as you go, acting like a complete dumbass. Yes, that’s it! You’re a natural dumbass; it’s so very rare…”

  10. Bionic_Crouton

    I like the new Coppertone Ad.

  11. If she can crap a puppy, just imagine what she can pee!?

  12. cagster

    The moment before Ashley dropped a bionic elbow on Pebbles’ lumbar vertebrae.

  13. Josephus

    Are they already filming a sequel to “Ted?”

  14. She’s really hot. Got a nice little body on her.

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