1. Ok seriously? Did she start sacrificing small children to rejuvenate herself? Or did Photoshop manage to start working in real life?

  2. Rick

    Show us your hooch again! It’s the only reason you’re a “movie star”.

  3. kitty

    Death becomes her.

  4. I guess she’s carrying her nipples in her purse today.

  5. Sharon Stone’s Nipples of Steel meet their kryptonite—velour lapels.

  6. Coyote

    I want to have the SEX with Her.

  7. cc

    There’s a rip in the space-time continuum.

  8. More covered up is a good look for her…also “at a distance”

  9. Mark R

    What is UP, Sharon Stone??!!

  10. lily

    she looks good, and dressed much more appropriate. amazing what an outfit can do.

  11. Desperate for attention; Sharon Stones hired a man to point out her viable parts for all photo opportunities.

  12. In her attic, there’s a painting of a pile of ashes.

  13. Nan

    Looks very good indeed.

  14. I definitely would.

  15. Jason

    Big sunglasses don’t just make Jennifer Nicole Lee look better, apparently.

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