1. Macaulay Culkin is a time traveller.

  2. catapostrophe


  3. The Brown Streak

    Change for a homeless Rabbi?

  4. EricLr

    Oh man, you don’t EVEN want to go in there.

  5. The Pope

    Shittin’ in a mini-van. AKA: pulling a Dafoe.

  6. Frank The Duck

    Is London expecting flooding?

  7. Bonky

    I want my regular table… and bring a few phone books to sit on.

  8. Good to see her out and about after splitting up with Johnny Depp.

  9. Jarrod

    “Let the premiere of Amazing Spider-Man begin!”

  10. cc

    Wait’ll they get a load from me.

  11. Pierce Bronzetan

    No no… the puddle was on the OTHER side of the car.

  12. “So I heard James Franco tried to do an impersonation of me to get into The Amazing Spider Man. Prepare your anus, Jimmy.”

  13. anny_nonomous

    Tall Peter Dinklage?

  14. willynilly

    Ugly mutha

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