1. Govt. Cheese

    Welcome Madam AssChest, we have been expecting you!

  2. Chinny

    Why does that jacket hate America?

  3. The Brown Streak

    I’ve seen that smirk before. Has anyone seen Bill Clinton lately?

  4. Simplyjack

    love voluptuousness!

  5. unimate

    Genetically engineered so that no man will notice the tragedy six inches above the point of interest.

  6. That body was made for sex.

  7. lg

    I fucking love Christina!

  8. Carson

    She’s almost 40 and still has a sexier body than those boney crackheads in their 20s.

  9. Sparkles

    “Fat man in a tiny coat! Fat man in a tiny coooooat!” – Chris Farley

    • You can only put the quotation marks around the sentence if it’s, y’know, the actual quote. Making shit up and putting it in quotes just makes you look like a lazy, dim-witted jackass.

  10. lg

    ^ “Gay man on in the closet! Gay man in the closet!” – Anyone reading the above.

  11. Bonky

    All good things must come to an end……

  12. cc

    Her performance in ‘Drive’ was superlative.

  13. Jarrod

    “Left boob, right boob, left boob, right boob…”

  14. Leave the poor girl alone. Sure she’s fat, but for every 10 pounds she loses, she becomes one cup size less talented.

    • Only a retard with a severe case of the gay would think this chick is “fat”!:)

      A girl with this body would cause a fucking riot in any club. She would be mobbed by guys. Then again the average shut-in that posts on this site has never set foot in any club let alone a straight one.

      • I’m going to declare a corollary to McFeely’s law (look it up) in reference to the trope “If you don’t find woman ‘x’ attractive, you are gay/virgin/both”. – McFeely Smackup, Nov. 11, 2011

  15. vgrly

    I can’t get past the plastic barbie hair that needs to be combed.

  16. I fail to see why she is such a big deal. A fat girl with a pretty face and big cans. So what? You can find one in any Waffle House…

    • Endo

      If chicks at waffle house looked like this they would need police protection to keep away all the straight guys you normally jerk off to.

      • sorry tool, i’m from california. this chick may get your backwards ass all hot and bothered, but she is only a Cali 6…
        I’ll have better tonight. enjoy your mad men reruns…

      • Endo

        Riiiight:)….Have fun humping the couch in your mom’s basement.

      • MeMe

        I agree with your sentiments for sure. Although, I’d be a bit kinder and give her a 7. After all, she IS a redhead. They always score high in my book. But when it gets down to it, she’s just a fat chick that makes her saggy titties look good in dresses. And sometimes they don’t even look good in the dresses. She looks like she’s poured into them. Skin oozing everywhere. Pass.

      • revw

        Way too long just to admit you’re gay bro. Anyone who finds DD tits unattractive needs to sit down and think about how short life is and start being honest with himself.:) Anderson Cooper came out of the closet this week. Use that as your inspiration. You can do it skippy.

      • MeMe

        Spoken like a dude who’s never actually been in the presence of NATURAL DDs. They are anything but attractive. Unless you reallly dig tits that are basically hitting a girl at her knees. My ex had HUGE natural DDs and she was insecure about them because they were unsightly. C cup is what you’re thinking of. And I’m not sure what being “gay” has to do with breast size preference. I’m putting you at around 15 yo.

      • revw

        This post couldn’t sound more GAY if it was written in pink glitter:)

        Give it up waldo. You’ve never touched tits, you don’t like tits, and you sure as hell have had no “girlfriend”. I won’t guess your age because I frankly couldn’t care less. What I do know is you need to start being honest with yourself.

  17. Crissy

    I need to see her in a bikini, cause those pushed up boobs sure can be deceiving! I’m a woman and small C Cup and I tell Victoria’s Secret can do wonders for a woman!

  18. CK

    “…fashion show”? Are you sure it’s not the… “motorboat show”?
    (I’m not sure how to type that sound.)

  19. lily

    I love her on madmen, Her face is that of an angel. But she is 30 pounds overweight

    • lily is a jealous pig

      No, she’s not overweight, you jealous fool:) Overweight and underweight actually have medical definitions and are not based on what some gay troll or jealous cow thinks on the internet. This woman is well within her BMI range. Not even close to overweight let alone 30 lbs over!

      You know who has a weight problem? Those boney skeletors you’ve been brainwashed to find attractive. The average starving “model” needs to gain at least 20-30 pounds just to reach their lowest healthy BMI number. Look up their stats and do the math yourself.

      • MeMe

        Whatever. I don’t give an eff about BMI or whatever. Those models you think are too thin? We males find delicious. That is just the way it is. Get over it. This chick is way too fat.

      • Even if I believe you’re a male, you sure as fuck ain’t straight:) Every single dude I know including myself thinks this girl is a perfect 10 and wouldn’t waste our piss on those boyish crackwhores a few closet gays like you jerk off to.

  20. Gonz


  21. QtPi

    Her cheeks have cheeks. She’s fat.

  22. MeMe

    Look, I get it, curves are great. But this chick isnt curvy. She’s an effing whale. I guarantee that any of you dudes on here would run for the hills if you saw her all sagging with no clothes on. Those kind of natural tits look great in dresses and sex tops, but when unleashed, they are anything but sexy. And I don’t want to imagin what that fat pale ass looks like. I agree with the last poster, she is FAT.

    • Look!!!! Let’s get real here! You want to see an effin’ whale? Go into any Walmart. You’ll get a full-on pod of humpbacks in every freakin’ aisle. This girl is not fat by any standards but the ones the fashion media has burned into your brain.

      • revw

        Exactly. MeMe is a typical closet queer too scared to be honest with himself. When the poor fuck says he doesn’t like big tits without realizing he’s giving himself away you actually feel sorry for him:)

  23. go on bitch and moan

    Seems most are blinded by her tits , shes not very pretty in the face , zoom is kinda scary actually.

  24. “The winner of this year’s crown for the Queen of the Cantaloupe Festival is none other than…

  25. Schmidtler

    the obese school bus driver from my high school days had giant tits like this whale too, and nobody was drooling over her. fat is fat, and that is that. take away the push up bra, bottled fake red hair, fake tits, and very carefully chosen fat distracting wardrobe, put this old phoney whale in a bikini, and all you chubby chasers would puke at the site of this pale old fattard.

    • SK

      If you can’t tell the difference between curves and fat, you’re a blithering retard. If you’re turned off by curves, you’re a flaming queer. That’s all there is to it, dummy.

      Now get back in the closet and resume licking your Justin Bieber poster. The straight act just ain’t working out like you hoped. Still giving yourself away waaay too easily:)

  26. She’s so cute and sexy.

  27. amir

    She’s quite the optical illusion. Sure, her breasts are huge (+), but so is her waist (-). And as far as her backside, wide and flat (–).
    Add in the fact that she doesn’t even look like she’s trying with her appearance, computer says… no.

    • Endo

      Bullshit. The only illusion here is you thinking you’re straight;) Have you seen her on madmen, dummy? She has the perfect hourglass figure and definitely has a nice ass. In other words the exact type of body the average pedophile and closeted gay finds icky. Almost a nice try but the computer says….gay.:)

  28. Mama Pinkus

    those are some lumpy, uneven plastic cans

  29. Reality

    WTF. What’s with all the gay comments? I’d still hit it with a smile on my face, but she’s really not that hot. She’s not a ‘perfect 10′ as someone said. There are plenty of girls with nice boobs and pretty faces that are not as chunky. Recognizing that does not mean you are gay. It means you have eyes.

  30. Dinosaurland

    She doesn’t have to brush her hair because no one has noticed yet that she has a head.

  31. walken

    You know a chick is hot when the gay trolls are sobbing all over their Glee T-shirts:)

    Christina is the gold standard for determining sexual orientation. You don’t wanna bang that….you’re gayer than Liberace… end of story. But I won’t even ask you to come out of the closet. Just stay in and stop creeping me the hell out.

  32. zeitgeist

    christina = best body in hollywood. nuff said

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