1. Brian Blessed's Bastard Boy

    For burning or itching, but mainly burning, stay the fuck away from this thing.

  2. bdog821

    Ayyyyyy! Mexican food!!! It burns, it burns!!!!

  3. Bob

    The absolutely wrongest person to ask to pee on the fire to help put it out.

  4. Frunken

    I guess this is the Jersey version of that Avengers poster with Black Widow.

    • Jerz'

      Please make sure you specify New Jersey.. I don’t want the little Island where I live (which is also called Jersey – Old Jersey, if you will!) being associated with this fire peeing creature.

  5. Some oompa loompa’s just want to watch the world burn…

  6. At first glance, I thought it was a remake of “Carrie” (I’m not even going to put any punctuation at the end of this)

  7. popwilleatitself

    People who need a shovel and a hand truck of 2×4′s to make a beach fire, do not know how to live.

  8. The Brown Streak

    Everytime I see her, I miss Boy Meets World.

  9. USDA Prime McBeef

    So that’s what Hell looks like. Other than expecting more fire, it’s pretty much exactly what I thought.

  10. K-Tron

    Is that Lindsay Lohan standing behind her?

  11. catapostrophe

    At least everything about her is flammable.

  12. j/k

    Abortion: Jersey style.

  13. Take out the shovel and the hand truck and you’ve got the poster for the Troma picture Bride of the Atom.

    • [img][/img]

      • Dick Hell

        Lighting farts doesn’t usually leave a swath of destruction but remember she’s farting for 2 to 12 (depending on the size of the litter).

  14. EricLr

    No, not quite in frame yet….keep backing up….keep backing up

  15. Minky Wail

    Sand: check. Fire:check. Pig:check. Looks like a luau to me.

  16. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    O Lady, thou in whom my hope is strong,
    And who for my salvation didst endure
    In Hell to leave the imprint of thy feet,…

  17. mg

    Take that one ring!

  18. someone obviously lit her fart on fire

  19. Bonky

    “Hey bitches, if you light a match around me, it’s your problem !”

  20. cc

    I feel sorry for the guy in the background holding the lighter. Remember to drink in moderation.

  21. Why do I smell redering hog fat?

  22. vgrly

    Did she just do the fart on a lit lighter trick?

  23. fuckityfuck

    when is she due? she looks the same, maybe Jionni is carrying the baby, ive heard of other species doing that sort of thing

  24. It’s just like the movie Firestarter, only different, and with the visceral smell of burning herpes.

  25. Pink Slime

    I think I know what they’ll be roasting on that spit…

  26. Lord Invader

    Paging Matthew Fox. Matthew Fox, please report to Mitch Buchanan at Lifeguard Tower 4 for special assignment.

  27. Bionic_Crouton

    There isn’t a port-a-potty made that can handle what Snookie’s packing.!

  28. Bionic_Crouton

    The Pilgrims were surprised to see the witch walk away from being burned at the stake.

  29. QtPi

    That roast pigs never gonna get done unless you bury it first.

  30. cc

    When someone asks you to help them do a blue angel, make sure it’s not someone who farts bacon fat.

  31. cagster

    She set that poor guy’s crotch on fire.

  32. I always wondered what the birth of the anti-christ would look like.

  33. joho777

    If you want a really scarry image, take a good close look at Snooki’s face.

    What in the bloody blue hell is she using as makeup??

    Maybe Snooki REALLY is the Ati-Christ!

  34. tlmck

    Clearly the sunglasses are covering the horns.

  35. El Jefe

    When did she get cast in a Michael Bay film?

  36. Bionic_Crouton

    Snookie’s coming to get you, and she’s bringing hell with her!

  37. JungleRed

    Like we all didn’t know a pregnant Snooki would precede the Apocalypse?

  38. AttackCat

    Jersey is so beautiful this time of year.

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