1. Charlie Hodge

    Even with that creepy 70s Porn ‘stache, I’d still hit it.

  2. What band was he in? Matchbox 20 or Nickelback?

    I get them all confused.

  3. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Why don’t these places just ask if you want chocolate on your cappuccino?

  4. The Brown Streak

    Something’s not right when you look creepier than Adam Lambert.

  5. EricLr

    A dog can save your life, and generally will…unless you’re Adam Levine.

  6. Phoenix

    I thought Sasha Baron Cohen was the one starring in the Freddie Mercury biopic.

  7. The Pope

    I think we’ve found the Scranton flasher.

  8. Crissy

    So wait, is this his face without makeup! gross!!! What the hell?! Is like he’s a different person!

  9. I thought the term was a beard?

  10. She looks pissed about something.

  11. Anderson Cooper has encouraged everyone’s gay side to come out.

  12. “On the set of Can a Song Save Your Life?”
    Not one of his!

  13. Bionic_Crouton

    Hey look, it’s Magnum PI’s little brother Trojan.

  14. Swearin

    You keep chasing that Pink Panther, Inspector.

  15. Josephus

    A song can, in fact, save your life, so long as the song is “HEY OFFICER, THIS GUY IS STILL FOLLOWING ME.”

  16. donkeylicks

    I think that it’s great when an actor goes above and beyond for a role but I’m starting to worry about Christian Bale, if he keeps growing stupid mustaches like that people won’t take him as a serious actor anymore :(

  17. Itsa me, Adam Levine! *Mario music*

  18. Michelle

    You just can’t take the creepy out of moustache.

  19. Ecarg

    “I’m on a gayphone…”

  20. myslinky

    Freddie Mercury wants his look back, or at least on a more worthy specimen.

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