1. Doing some much needed food shopping.

  2. Whoa. Eat something.

  3. JimBB

    Look ma’am, we can’t let you use the cart if you aren’t going to buy any food.

  4. Angry Beaver

    What a waste. She used to be hot, spankworthy, even. Not so much anymore unless you’re into Skeletor porn.

  5. Phoenix

    Paparazzi: Damn. The nipple spotted me.

  6. This photo makes me sad.

  7. Anorexic and huge knockers don’t go well together. She looks like a capital ‘P’

    • Unless she stands on her head, which would make her a lower case “b” or lower case “d”. Although, if she were to get on her knees she could be mistaken for a lower case “p”. If she were to have her implants removed, she could be mistaken for dead.

  8. Cap'n O

    Time is a cruel mistress.

  9. Starving actress.

  10. Vladimir

    Startin to look like one of them Glam-Ma’s from Florida..

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