1. Josephus

    This is demeaning. I don’t care about how many people are going to look at it, how many clicks it generates, or how popular Olivia Munn is now. Doing this is just terrible.

    Making “Ride Along 2″…my God.

  2. I have a longtime thing for this sexy lady. She could ride with me anyday.

    Btw, they’re making a Ride along 2 already? God damn, Hollywood knows how to milk something dry.

  3. anonymous


  4. JimBB

    The ghost of Paul Walker strikes again!

  5. Short Round

    All right, let’s get in character. Let me just cock my guns here…

  6. she looks much better with the long hair.

  7. Suck It Trebek

    That reminds me it’s shrimp fest at Red Lobster.

  8. Sunglasses…$50.00
    Knowing her shrimp masturbation story helped take down a hack director…Priceless.

  9. “Damn it, I should have remembered that these shows and these implants were a bad combination. Balance Olivia, balance.”

  10. tlmck

    Yep. Totally believable as a cop.

  11. Rico Jones

    I can’t stand that she has a successful career. She is the perfect example of a talentless cunt who fucked her way up the ladder.

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