1. “Maybe a few days adrift in the ocean will teach you not to touch my fucking camera!”

  2. Joe Bob

    Hey a mini-Bootsy

  3. JimBB

    Secure and confident, knowing he has two white kids who can swim him to safety.

  4. poopshitburger

    he’s getting a little crazy

  5. His face showing all the joys of single fatherhood.

  6. See Tom Brady, THIS is how a man stoicly enjoys a water park.

  7. Suck It Trebek

    Did they sail on Costa?

  8. Winky

    So it’s a photo of a Seal in the water?

  9. “We’re drifting farther out to sea daddy. Tow us back to shore.”
    “Seal don’t swim baby… Seal don’t swim.”

  10. Not pictured, Heidi Klum pulling the raft as she swims.

  11. Even Nien Nunb has to get some vacation time from fighting the empire now and again.

  12. I so enjoy the sight of a happy family laughing and playing together.

  13. cajunhawk

    This is what Spike Lee’s version of Life of Pi looks like.

  14. Vladimir

    “I’ve been towed by a boat, on a wave…
    The more I get of this, the stranger it feels, yeah…”

  15. nmwilson06

    He looks sad cause of the divorce.

  16. “It was supposed to be easy. I take ship… ransom… nobody get hurt. No one said anything about babysitting.”

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