1. Motorboating sick kids is a new low. Even for Justin.

  2. Do the world a favour and just jam that award into his ear socket. If that doesn’t get you into heaven, I don’t know what will.

  3. Well, you blew that wish. Better luck in the next life, sweetheart.

  4. JimBB

    [whisper] If you don’t belieb in pressing statutory rape charges, meet me in my dressing room.

  5. Michael

    Nice tats, stupid.

  6. cajunhawk

    Thank you so much for this good publicity…now I can go double cup it up for at least a week until I have to do more charity.

  7. ben dover

    hey another virgin to deflower and dump

  8. I hope her wish is to jam that trophy up Bieber’s ass. Yeah, let’s make that wish happen.

  9. Real Class

    Wow! Amazing what some uppers, a little methadone,
    a sweater with sleeves to hide the tats, and a shower
    can do to hide the real Bieber. Bet he had that sweater
    off 30 seconds after leaving the stage, heading for his
    van to get high again, and bang an audience member.

    • Father Dougal

      You know, when you put it like that he doesn’t seem half so much a douchenozzle. It’s the entitled cuntishness that earns him so much hate, and not the type of things you just listed, which is pretty much same crap everyone else would do in his shoes.

  10. Aaaand the cancer is back.

  11. “Usher sends the best couriers!!!”

  12. Sharknado Connor

    Bieber’s dating Ariana Grande now?

  13. Meshuggah Tits

    I just made a wish that he got an Ebola Virus Hug®.

  14. “I wish you were sick instead of me.”

  15. Odbarc

    For a moment, I thought she had a knife in her hand. I was smiling like her too… for a moment.

  16. What was the wish to die of something quicker and far more painless? Or was it a wish to put the world out of it’s misery using that weapon her hand jamming it into his ear? That would be some selfless Mother Teresa type stuff right there.

  17. “Now let’s get this over with and stab me as many times as you wished for, Princess.”

  18. “Oh golly, I got my wish! So are you going to blow your brains out tonight — after I’m back at the cancer hospital — or tomorrow so I can come over and watch?”

  19. Having spent most of the last year in cancer treatment myself, seeing at that little angel brings a lump to my throat. (little angel ≠ Bieber)

  20. alexxx3488

    Justin hasn’t figured out yet that the little girl’s wish is to impale Justin with the pointy end of that trophy.

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