1. Polk

    “Think of England”

  2. JimBB

    I just got a horrid visual attempting to picture the Scottish Women’s Hockey Team in my head.

  3. Ian B

    “… that brings us back to Doe, Doe, Doe… Doe a deer…”

  4. Well she knows how to keep the top teeth covered. This marriage may work after all.

  5. “Ouch! Right in the cooter!!”

  6. fickel finger o'fate

    and the winners of the best imitation of a sex toy are…

  7. argleblargle

    They must be watching Backdoor Teen Mom.

    • MW

      No, they’re watching a hockey game (presumably field hockey). If you had read the article, you’d have known that.

  8. Not pictured, a Scottish woman beating a Welsh woman to death with her field hockey stick.

  9. glam

    They’re breathing air for sustenance like true lizard people.

  10. Rather Dashing

    “I don’t know Diane, we’ve seen some very strong performances here today and we’ve still got some teams yet to compete, but I think William and Kate may have just secured themselves Olympic gold in the Couple’s Kim Kardashian Impression event.”

  11. ♫ ♪ “Oim ‘Enery the Aith, Oi yam. ‘Enery the Aith Oi yam, Oi yam… ♫ ♪

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