1. Josephus

    Back when I ran a small clothing store, I would wake up to find my old girlfriend in this sort of pose all the time. Don’t worry, I fixed her before I put her back in the window display.

  2. Thoughtful Pig

    You have my permission to hit her, Alec.

  3. This is my “morning after” picture after our night together. She’s been stuck like that since. I’m starting to get worried. I wonder what Ireland’s doing?

  4. Camera mount above the bed, huh?

  5. You’re flexible, we get it.

  6. buzz

    Interesting way to hide her yoga guru’s cumstains from Alec.

  7. Can someone please confirm she’s alive and not the latest victim of Alec’s rages?

  8. Short Round

    She’s trying to run away from Alec even in her dreams.

  9. Ah, sweet, she’s dead!

  10. from the rest of us...

    Why do you keep posting about this nobody Fish?

  11. journalschism

    She’s building up quite an audition reel for new dick/wallets.

  12. Marketing Mike

    She’s preparing for a younger, richer, replacement husband.
    Being able to do the splits, in bed, while licking your knee,
    gives her an edge over the other girls in line.

  13. glam

    who the fuck is taking these pictures?

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