1. Free the nipple!

  2. Cock Dr

    Don’t drown the baby.

  3. Josephus

    Jessica’s legacy here on Earth. And also her child.

  4. That’s right before she handed the kid off to the nanny to nurse.

  5. Keith

    What a narcissist. “Here, let me move the baby to the side so you get a good shot of my boobs”

  6. Here’s a kid who seriously will never go hungry – ‘actually am expecting him to become morbidly obese by the time he turns two.

    • If I were being fed from those marvelous Milk Duds, I’d be morbidly obese by tomorrow morning. (I’m totally in love with her right breast. And I’m going steady with the left.)

  7. Michael

    This is how Beth Ostrosky envisions herself, plus natural big boobs.

  8. Short Round

    I must teach you many things but most importantly let me tell you about chicken and tuna.

  9. ben dover

    holy shit I would love to see those breast feeding photos

  10. Let’s hope she doesn’t drop that kid off at the pool.

  11. How to bore me to tears in one photo or less.

  12. Angry Beaver

    Lucky little bastard. I hate him already.

  13. Odbarc

    Pull out yer titty and feed it!

  14. And they are full of milk….

  15. right

    You know that box is rekt. The guy doesn’t care. He’s in it for male golddigger 101.

  16. This really is an exceptionally beautiful photo. She and the baby are very lovely, really. Never expected to see Art on this website of all places. Never expect to see it again unless huge amounts of cash is exchanged…

    And on another note – you men are absolutely a bunch of disgusting pigs – yet life would be so horrible & boring without you & your irreverence…OK. You have our leave to carry on. As you were then…

    • I totally agree with you about the artistic beauty of the photo. But why do you call us “disgusting pigs” when we are guilty of nothing more than being wired to be attracted to large breasts (to feed more/stronger offspring)? Plus, some of these posters are women!

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