1. They should just kill each other now.

  2. The Brown Streak

    How come we’re the only people here? I mean, come on! It’s Germany…they friggin’ love David Hasselhoff and they ignore us?

  3. DimeStoreRiot

    Ryan Reynolds’ Wax Statue Isn’t Creepy At All

  4. were both of them dressed by the same blind tailor with no sense of how a suit fits, or how to tie a necktie?

  5. Jack

    “In brightest day, in blackest night, no actor should wear pants so tight.”

  6. OK, so ten minutes after the movie starts, we sneak out to the Men’s Room so you can get your ‘green lantern’ dirty.

  7. vlad

    they look alike, they dress alike…what a lucky pair…

  8. Lynx

    they are still promoting this?

  9. Even wearing a Canadian tuxedo, I’d totally hit it. God he’s hot.

  10. Dan

    Jack Bauer sure looks tired.

  11. ugasean

    When it was revealed that Reynolds cast no shadow, the ending to Blade Trinity began to make sense…

  12. GuyLeDouche

    Thinks: This is so boring. I’ll give this dude’s right nard to anyone who writes a script where Bullock gets to show me her bits again.

  13. Secretly hoping the Germans don’t think the Green Lantern is the gayest superhero ever

  14. cc

    ‘at the premiere of Green Lantern in Berlin’

    The three people in attendance – these two guys and the homeless guy who took their picture in exchange for a few deustchmarks.

  15. helka

    There is nothing I would not do to those men.

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