1. And . . . Alec dresses to the left. Thanks, dude. Like I needed to see your ballsack.

  2. The Brown Streak

    This guy has no cooth…doesn’t he know…PINKY OUT!

  3. Is that a tampon string?

  4. I enjoyed his work in Team America.

  5. Tanzarian

    Mr. Baldwin is such a nice-a man, I give him double stitch anyway. That’s some strong stitch, you bet.

  6. Jack

    “Damnit, this is the LAST time I buy my coffee at Verne Troyer’s restaurant!”

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Always Be Tumescent

  8. vlad

    don’t worry, I played a coffee drinker

  9. chupacabra

    only a gunzel would drink anything with a spoon or straw in it so it poke their eyes. However, with this bloated sausage, those checks block the eyes…

  10. tlmck

    “Bop Decameron”. Yeah that’ll light up the box office.

  11. Siloporcen7

    Oh there you are Mrs. Nesbit!

  12. Dave Mustaine


  13. Does this teacup make me look fat?

  14. ugasean

    Eh, still looks better than Basinger these days, not to mention the pig.

  15. seals

    If I have to read…that stupid movie title ONE MORE TIME……..

  16. Mmmmmmmm … living well off the talents of Tina Fey is wonderful.

  17. John

    Wow, no one really?!?
    Coffee is for closers!

  18. Steelerchick

    And looking good !!!!

  19. Tea for two
    cause I’m a douche…

  20. Manowl

    He is drinking from a big coffee mug… it just looks smallish due to his gargantuan phisique

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