1. Judy

    “Thanks for going along with this. I couldn’t think of another way to stay relevant until I get the test results back.”

  2. “wanna see me put a rubber on this with my mouth?”

  3. I thought this was gonna be Avril and her giant friend’s breasts again.

  4. Oh, there’s 2 of them? Joy!

  5. cc

    Don’t get impatient the lesbian sex starts in a minute.

  6. Henry

    This only works if you’re not a hooker in real life.

  7. LittleCupcakes

    Which one is Imogen Thomas?

    Is she the smart, funny, caring, doer-of-good-deeds on the right?

  8. Bionic_Crouton

    POPSICLE Spread the blue balls!

  9. tlmck

    The guys are not exactly lining up there are they?

  10. Pine Table Fever

    I like how she has the bag on her lap, trying to show some kind of modesty.

  11. Visible Ink

    Out of these two I’d do the bench!

  12. JungleRed

    Is this the part where Malcolm McDowell picks them up?

  13. Sung in the voice of Maurice Chevalier…”♫ ♪ Thank heaven for pretty breasts, for pretty breasts get bigger every day…♪ ♫”

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