1. I’m not sold on this girl but she looks pretty good here.

  2. I would never let the photographer who took this picture leave my side if I were her.

  3. hatersgonhate

    ugh it’s her nose. it generally fucks up her face. and the rest of her.

  4. She has the money & access to great plastic surgeons or at the very least a make-up artist that could shade that shnoz down to a normal size – yet she continues to walk around looking like that!

  5. K-Tron

    Ahh, good old silent photos. The only way to appreciate Lea Michelle.

  6. vgrly

    She does look good here but of course it’s all smoke and mirrors. This is a great angle for her. So if you take away the fake lashes, the makeup, the styled hair, I’m afraid she’s pretty blah…

  7. cc

    She looks like one of the marionettes in Team America: World Police.

  8. She looks good here as opposed to the photos from the Teen Choice Awards.

  9. CranAppleSnapple

    She has tarantulas on her face.

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    After commissioning the entire math department at MIT to find the proper angle to limit nose exposure in her photos. all they came up with was, “Show more tits… no one will care about the nose then.” Nerds love tits.

    • Raaaaaaaa

      she’s pulling her shoulders that far back they’re practically touching, yet the boobs barely protrude off the chest.

  11. Josephus

    Lisa Ann must have taken her implants out to rest them up for that gig in Tampa.

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