1. Johnny P!

    His father Donald needs to beat some sense into him with that scarf.

  2. Jill

    Enough wiht the scarves already. Et tu, Keifer?

  3. So it’s winter in West Hollywood?

  4. cc

    He should know one of the fundamental rules of men’s fashion. If Russell Brand wears it, you shouldn’t.

  5. EricLr

    His agent asked us to play along if he mentioned that he’s been offered the Dr. Who role.

  6. Hot Vomit

    Clearly using the midsummer scarf as misdirection for his hand caressing, oh so slowly caressing his flask of delicious liquor.

  7. Mr. Poop

    Tweety Bird looks fabulous.

  8. The Royal Penis

    Douchebag scarf is the new Douchebag cap. Good for him to being relevant.

  9. Frank The Duck

    Mid July and a scarf? No, not gay at all….

  10. Juan Diablo

    When did he morph into Sting?

  11. Schmidtler

    it just looks like a scarf. really, it’s liquor held together by nanobots.

  12. neo_v

    Duh – the scarf is concealing the fold-up shotgun…sheesh..

  13. Visible Ink

    I’d like to start a trend where anyone wearing a scarf above 60 degrees gets punched in the face.

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