1. catapostrophe

    Whatever is the opposite of the expression “she cleans up nicely”!

  2. What the fuck?

  3. No Standards

    Maybe her and Rourke are re-shooting “The Wrestler” but playing each others role.

  4. HOLY SHIT! She’s morphing into Richard Belzer.

  5. c’mon guys, that’s my wife. have some respect.

  6. mamamiasweetpeaches

    She was hot once. ONCE.

  7. Henry

    The close up on this one is ghastly.

  8. Bigalkie

    More hollywood magic

  9. Minky Wail

    The battery in her biological clock died.

  10. cc

    This isn’t the Marisa Tomei that was in The Wrestler…this is the other one.

  11. She was always hot, This is the worst I’ve seen her and she’s still hotter than the average chick.

  12. Hank E. Ring

    She can barely get attention walking down the middle of the freaking road!

  13. BbyBluThghHghs

    She looks like Joe Dirt.

  14. CranAppleSnapple

    Squeegee your ride?

  15. Maybe she’s going to the store to buy some fucks. ‘Cause she certainly didn’t have any to give when she was picking this outfit.

  16. i thought she had a mullet.

  17. Bionic_Crouton

    Screw sidewalks! When you’re famous, you can walk right down the middle of the road.

  18. The Old Man

    That’s “Academy Award Winner, Marisa Tomei” to you.

  19. tlmck

    With her money, she should not be raiding clothing donation boxes.

  20. El Jefe

    And another one gone.

  21. I don’t care, I’m in.

  22. guttboy

    My 1991-1996 (inclusive) dream girl….And YES I still would. She’s a petitte princess that I would LOVE to pork.

  23. squishy

    More proof that Oscar choices are simply based on bad taste and bureaucracy!!

  24. Are you sure that’s Marisa Tomei? Looks more like Joe Pesce to me.

  25. Its okay, she’d still get it just because her name is Marisa Tomei

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