1. kimmykimkim

    Haha! Authors.

  2. You can probably buy a bottle of Suave conditioner for $1.79 you know.

  3. Kathy Griffin’s stunt double?

  4. The Pope

    I choose die.

  5. Henry

    You’ve made it quite clear that you don’t give a fuck. No need to go overboard.

  6. cc

    The Superficial needs new copy editors. It’s called ‘Live Frizzy or Die.’ I don’t know why it’s me that has to catch these things.

  7. Senor Trout

    ‘Ew. Back to the loch with you, Nessie.’

  8. Bionic_Crouton

    Lizz Winstead signing copies of her book “I Regret Selling ‘The Daily Show’ to Comedy Central “

  9. tlmck

    Considering those spots on her chest, this book could be an epitaph.

  10. Pine Table Fever

    It puts the lotion on its skin!

  11. squishy

    Maybe she should look into the Frizz Free or Die phenomenon sweeping the nation!

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