1. Well, she looks increasingly sane and stable.

  2. broduhjenner

    the lovechild of kim kardashian and snookie.

  3. Little Richard’s still kicking huh?

  4. I think this is Tiny Kim. Lil Kim is at least 4 feet tall.”

  5. Lil Kim Jong Il in a dress.

  6. What the fuck happened to her?

  7. I knew Snooki wouldn’t stay thin for long.

  8. So, I forget… which guild does she belong to? The Lollipop…?

  9. Another Psy photo? Come on, PhotoBoy!

  10. Jenn

    She’s gonna be the next Bride of Chucky, she’s the right size and she’s already mostly plastic.

  11. me

    Black Drew Barrymore, is that you?

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