1. “What?!?!”
    “It’s a boy!!!”
    “How many fingers does eh have?”
    “On which hand?!”

  2. broduhjenner

    are we sure he’s visiting? or has he become an exhibit?

  3. EricLR

    Mummy said I could drive one when I’m a big boy!

  4. “Yes, well now that I am up in it, I still don’t understand. Train for what, exactly? Sitting and looking out a window?”

  5. Enjoying thoughts of pulling a train, m’Lord?

  6. “Yes, well, we had the little buggar examined and he appears to be perfectly bred to lead a life of meeting common folks who have just experienced natural disasters, taking photos with large groups and organizations of many sorts, dancing awkwardly with natives in Borneo, and, well, sitting in old trains. If he were any smarter or better looking, he just wouldn’t fit in, now would he?”

  7. carpaltunnel

    Honestly Prince Charles is really what is wrong with the world.
    Rich because of his family lineage
    Marries beautiful princess (Diana)
    Cheats on her with hose beast
    Beautiful princess dies
    Marries hose beast
    Goes about the rest of his life acting like a fucktard douche and doesn’t do one goddam thing to help anyone.
    Fuck you, Charles. Special place in hell for people like you.

  8. “The last train I was in had some peasant girl taking it in the caboose!… Jolly fun that was!”

  9. journalschism

    “At this rate, it’s how old mum will be before I get to be king, by God.”

  10. He’s usually rides a gravy train.

  11. Just like every other American – not giving a shit about the royal birth. Hence, the reason he is in NYC.

  12. “By Jove, this is bloody marvelous. But I really have no idea how to land the damn thing.”

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