1. “See, I feel like the amount of hair on this side of my head should roughly equal the amount on the other side.”

  2. “aaahhHHHH!! mA wEaVe!!!”

  3. “But I don’t understand. What good would my tits be up here?”

  4. She’s gone downhill since her awesome full-frontal in ‘Alexander’.

  5. Still as sexy as ever.

  6. “Hey, know what this is? It’s a brain sucker…and it’s starving to death! HAHAHA…wait, I did that wrong”

  7. “And I tried to explain to Will that the thing on the side of his head was a Brain Slug, but by the time he listened, Jaden had somehow already assimilated it …”

  8. And just like that it was finally established that Michelle Obama was the more famous of the two. Why? Because Oprah don’t take iPad photo’s of just anyone.

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