1. This is considered terrorism right?

  2. Her act just isn’t the same since she switched to Methadone.

  3. Odbarc

    Taylor Momsen did it better.

  4. Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes the wrong people eat a shotgun.

  5. Lady Gaga did it MUCH better about 10 photos ago!

  6. “Who wants to see what really killed Kurt?”

  7. EricLR

    And now you all have crabs.

  8. I assume every single person that gazed upon this instantly turned blind.

  9. Nobody wants to see that shit, you melted herpsicle.

  10. What did Vancouver ever do to her?

  11. Sheppy

    “And the audience breathed a huge sigh of relief when she reveled the bra underneath.”

  12. What the hell is up with Vancouver and all of these horrible fame-related travesties?! First Cory Monteith OD’s and now this!!

  13. MeanMrsMustard

    Let loose the Grunge Death Ray.

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