1. “No! I get the floaties first!”

  2. Josephus

    “Daddy, how did Aunt Kim get famous?”

    “I’ll show you.”

  3. Here’s a pointless fucktard who never worked a day in his life, but still has plenty of money. Great to be white, eh?

  4. broduhjenner

    what is that? projectile urine?

  5. EricLR

    Awh, he’s training him to be a little douche.

  6. “Did you see your mom’s tits yesterday? WHOA!”

    “Dad! That’s gross!”

    “What are you, queer?”

    “I’m 3.’

  7. It’s never too early to learn how Hollywood works.

  8. ThisWillHurt

    So, since Kris’ bottom bitch is still in the pen, presumably bathing in a virgin’s tears to remove the stretch marks, all we get to make fun of from the family of whores is this asshole. So be it *clears throat* What a douche-cunt! Ha!

  9. Heywood Jablomie

    Thought it was Huge Ackman from the preview.

  10. “I’m the best at what I do kid … and that’s work the shaft and breathe through my nose!”

  11. *squeal* I said not to splash my hair!

  12. Mason has done the job we all have been wanting to do every time we see this fucktard and that is kicking him in the balls or the cunt. Close enough.

  13. Looks like someone filled the jacuzzi with holy water again.

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