1. These are two people I would not have put together in the same room

  2. Cate Blanchett talking to Andrew Dice Clay. Unless Fish has got a photo of Kim Kardashian talking to Stephen Hawking about quantum physics, this is the weirdest thing I will see all day.

  3. Looks like Dice inherited some of Michael Jackson’s daily wardrobe.

  4. EricLR

    Little Boy Blue Jasmine…

  5. “Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse…”
    “Whoa, whoa, whoa. I don’t like it when other people do my material, Cate.”

  6. Say what you will, I still love The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.

  7. That women inside her armpit reminds me of that GIF of that squirrel turning around giving everyone the stink eye.

  8. Wow. These two people couldn’t be further apart as far as social standing. I’ve never even put about these two people in the same thought before. They also look like they’re enjoying each other’s company.

    Then again, Cate is one of the best actresses ever. So who knows.

  9. Helen Mirren and Antonin Scalia?

  10. Cock Dr

    Makes me wonder who dropped the most f-bombs during the conversation.

  11. “I’m sorry…who are you again??”

    “I’m Cate Blanchett…”

  12. “You know… I always had the biggest crush on you. Too bad you’re gay.”
    “I keep telling you, Sir Lady Man, I ain’t John Travolta!”

  13. “Please… Let me hear one of your poems.”
    “Hickory dickory dock… I need Viagra for my cock!”

  14. sonofsamadams

    ‘Baa baa Black Cock, Do you need a pull? Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three tugs…GO!’
    ‘You had me at ‘Black Cock’”

  15. Arzach

    Class and no-class clashing together, they are not allowed to touch or the universe would collapse

  16. nick belane

    Cate, ask the Diceman where I too can get a combo Peugeot/SS jacket.

  17. HumbertHumbert

    I have always admired your songwriting, Mr. Costello.

  18. I hope SHE is the one saying, “Who are you again?”

  19. “Amazing bumping into you here. I used to fantasize about your mother when I jerked off. She’d be saying ‘Sock it to me. Sock it to me!’ I loved Goldie back then.”

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