1. Josephus

    More like Bebe OLDwirth!

    ::waits for high fives::

  2. Looking kind of like your middle school science teacher that you ran into on the weekend at Target and you got kind of excited because of the no bra thing, but really she’s just your science teacher and it’s kind of grossing you out.

  3. tlmck

    I had a thing for Lilith back in the day. Not so much any more.

  4. Helena Handbasket

    She’s pretty, funny, and very talented … but everything about her screams “coke-head” to me.

  5. John Travolta

    Mmmmmm…remember her from that horror movie. Nice.

  6. AtomicMug


  7. glam

    She really is fucking awesome, I love her. You can’t say anything bad about this talented lady.

  8. King Doosher

    Hot edgy and chronically braless. Trifucta milf.

  9. I’d plow that field. Damned good lookin’ woman.

  10. She has a very old face, like she were 65… What age is she? Oh, is she 55? It ciuld be better….

  11. She’s been a professional dancer for most of her life, which means that even now it’s highly doubtful that any of you could keep up with her in the sack.

  12. Guesty

    Agreed, Jezzer. She also has few wrinkles for a pale 54-year old…and the body of a 24-year old, from dancing for over 40 years. She’s crazy talented.

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