1. Too much of her face is showing.

  2. broduhjenner

    on the edge of gory

  3. One hand tuck? Masterful…

  4. I think Gaga is pretty sexy. I like her crazy style. She’s an attention whore to be sure, but I totally would.

  5. popwilleatitself

    Hairy forehead syndrome.

  6. Looks like Shakira’s high school photo. Naked.

  7. I thought it was Annalynne Mccord.

  8. Either she’s sucking in her belly like a champ or she’s not as gunty as I thought.

  9. Steve

    I just puked a little bit in my mouth.

  10. jim eh

    Very hot, I always found her gorgeous, even pre-rhinoplasty.

  11. tlmck

    That would be a great pose for a hot girl.

  12. Drew


  13. ThisWillHurt

    The V stands for “Vvvvvwhat the fuck?!”

  14. Cock Dr

    Think big rabbit with hair extensions.

  15. John Travolta

    Bet she’d stick a finger in…if she had a hole there.

  16. Beer for thought

    She looks like a mental patient who’s problem is that she wont stop taking her clothes off and forcing her creepy nakedness on other people and it’s just freaking everyone out, so someone in an effort to stop all the crazy tries to calm her down by telling her that if shes good an covers her no no spot she can pose sexy for pictures. That is what I honestly would believe happened here.

  17. JC

    The amount of photoshopping around her now randomly floating hand in front of Barbie genitals seems totally natural.

  18. AtomicMug

    “Did you see that chick’s balls?”

    “Yeah, they were weird.”

  19. Cliff

    It looks like a picture of a feral human that they just cleaned up.

  20. yesiwould

    Id fuck her bad, paper bag over face a must tho

  21. Emma Watson's vagina

    my future ex-wife.

  22. Aaron

    How much for that chair?

  23. You know, I actually dig this…like, a lot.

  24. caley

    Amanda Bynes new wig is the worst one yet.

  25. Jenn

    GaGa wasn’t born this way, that’s some major surgery she’s advertising in that picture.

  26. Pickles

    As I was noticing the awful photoshopping around her hand, I realized that by photoshopping and extending the upper inner thigh, it looks like she is holding a boner under her skin. Good job photo editors, good job.

  27. How can they call this ‘V” Magazine when they won’t let her show any?

  28. Pat C

    Honestly, this is the best picture of her I’ve ever seen.

  29. Lady Gaga to the camera-man

    “Am I dressed like a retard now?”

  30. Johnny Barbells

    …bunch of hypocrites …if fish had’nt named her in the caption, you’d all be giddily posting the sex stuff you would do this chick.

  31. Why didn’t they remove the tattoos while they were at it? Everything else has been retouched.

  32. MOVE YOUR HANDS!!!!!

  33. Bob

    More like Lady Gag

  34. Hot body, not a fan of the Butt-head teeth

  35. Oz Matters

    Really – - one of these hands should be covering her face.

  36. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Eh, what’s up, Doc?

  37. It kind of defeats the purpose when just looking at the self-exam instructions gives you cancer.

  38. So they spent time photo shopping her hairline, waist and arms, and they just didn’t notice the teeth? How did they miss that?

  39. Still 0 views on

  40. PunkyBrewster

    “and this hand holds the crabs in….”

  41. I fail to see much of a problem. She doesn’t look like marryin’ material, but she does look like she’d be a fun roll in the hay!

  42. Jussayin

    “Show us the gross side of your face!” -Peter Griffin

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