1. This guy is a sex symbol. Women of the world, you are fucked in the head if you want to get fucked in the babymaker by that carbon blob.

  2. Robert Fattinson

  3. ThisWillHurt

    “You keep givin’ me the ‘eye,’ tree. So, what’ll it be: your place or mine?”

  4. Cock Dr

    It’s not often that such a goofy looking guy becomes a movie industry heartthrob.
    I hope Bobby knows what to do now with his newfound freedom.

  5. His hairline is going South just like prince William’s

  6. “that’s not the face of a man who didn’t just get caught wanking behind a tree”

  7. Don’t draw attention to him. He’s hiding from Daniel Radcliffe.

  8. Jenn

    He played a vamp, but he’s got the forehead of Frankenstein’s monster.

  9. Here Pattinson’s on the set of ‘Maps To The Stars’, and back home Kristen Stewart is working on ‘Map To My Pussy’. I think it’s a bio-pic.

  10. cc

    I wonder if he’s sworn off ether after his performance in Cosmopolis.

  11. Did he and Daniel Radcliffe get in a teleportation pod together?

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