1. “Are you playing the falcon in the Avengers 2 next summer?

  2. “Why is Jackie Robinson called James Brown in this movie? And why did he quit baseball for music?”

  3. “…and now, i wanna ask your invisible friend; what’s it like working with chadwick?”

  4. “What? I didn’t take no picture of a hot dog stand in Italy. Fuck off.

  5. Flatliner

    ‘Why do you keep mentioning Lego and snickering?’

  6. fred

    “Did your parents know that you were black when they named you Chadwick?”

  7. “Mr. Boseman, for all the Caucasian American fans in the house can you explain what James Brown meant when he yelled out ‘Neck bones! Candied yams! Turnips!’ in the middle of his song? Is it a recipe or some kind of code?”

  8. “I am formally announcing that I am eschewing acting and beginning my rapping career with my name legally changed to ‘Twenny-fi Cint’.”

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