1. brick


  2. She’s modeling the Gumar Collection.

  3. Jackmac

    Let me guess – the obnoxious SUV behind her is her ride.

  4. The boobs are a good distraction from her face, until you realize it’s Jwow

  5. That baby isn’t going hungry, that’s for sure.

  6. …kinda fitting she’s dressing like a pack of starburst.

  7. My guess: nipples the size of manhole covers.

  8. buzz

    These days I only way I can tell the difference between her (sans Snooki) and Leah Remini is that Leah won’t shut up about scientology.

  9. Gee…never would have guessed she’s in New Jersey

  10. Anyone need their fortune read? Anyone?

  11. She’s morphing into Camryn Manheim!

  12. JWoww means Jeebers…Woww those suckers are huge!

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