1. brick

    Doing her best JLH impression.

  2. satan'srighthand74

    Looks like a love for cheeseburgers runs in the family

  3. Black is the new fat.

  4. They say black is slimming. They lied.

  5. …i want her & megahn mccain to tag-team me…

  6. Jeez, are we sure KITT wasn’t the father?

  7. Don’t look it in the eye and maybe it won’t charge.

  8. She has one of those faces where you can just tell she’d be an absolute knockout if she dropped some pounds.

  9. fred

    “Oh my God!!! There is a 100 foot tall fat blond woman rampaging the city!”

  10. so…this is her “i’m posing for a portrait” look?

  11. tlmck

    “OK Hayley, for the next shot lets have you step back about 6 feet.”

  12. Note the family resemblance: one can definitely see where she got her torso.

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