1. … Was about to give her flack on her obvious (and totally sad) weight gain, but her boobs are undeniable still marvelous.
    So carry on, Kelly; love you!

    • MarketingMike

      She may be a little heavier now, but I’ll bet it’s a much smoother
      ride, with a lot better traction. We just need to pry her away
      from steroid guy.

    • Everyone commenting on her being hot really are fucking morons.
      She is a 7 in any town USA.

  2. “That’s right, I don’t give a shit if Internet nerds want to fuck me anymore.”
    “We still want to fuck you.”
    “Goddamnit, do you want me to date Jeremy Piven again?”

  3. Does she giggle if you poke her in the belly?

  4. This doesn’t look nearly as good as the pictures she posts of herself to Instagram. I think this photographer is photoshopping the picture to make Kelly Brook look fat.

  5. Andy

    “Simon sez put your hands on a fat ass…wait, what?”

  6. Still beautiful. A little more meat on her bones is not a bad thing as her topless pics on the beach earlier this year proved.

  7. …looks about right to me.

  8. She must be prepping for a green card application.

  9. buzz

    Sketchers can’t be happy that she’s rockin’ their clothing during her weight gain.

  10. Does she wear the same outfit every day, or are we on some weird budget where one day of photos is being stretched over the course of a month?

  11. I’ll have the Bangers-and-Mash Brooks and coffee to go, please.

  12. so…is she retired now?

  13. I saw this coming a MILE away. She always had fat features that pointed square at THIS. My neighbor has giant tits you dumabasses, she’s about 400 lbs.

  14. renotastic

    Should I just hit “saved settings” in PS6, Kell?

  15. That’s just more of her to eat.

  16. There was a time when I thought it would take an entire day to give her a full-body tongue massage, but now I think it might take the better part of a weekend. Not that I’m complaining…she’d be worth it.

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