1. There’s a joke, here, about over inflated plastic.

  2. Dox

    Duck says quack.

    Or something…..

  3. ♫Rubber ducky, you’re the one
    You make bath times lots of fun♫

  4. Trying to duck the paps?

  5. I twat I taw a puddy tat

  6. Flatliner

    Yup, if you want to be successful at getting a woman to bend over, you should get your ducks lined up beforehand.

  7. Those are some fucked up looking duckmonkeys.

  8. Well, it wasn’t two ducks I wanted to see her ride, but I guess this is gonna have to do.

  9. Overheard at the pool:

    “Ugh, what are those two over-inflated, mis-colored monstrosities?”

    “You mean the monkey ducks?”

    “No, no, between them.”

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