1. “Hi, so this is a magic shop and all so could you guys make a spell to delete some pics from the internet and get me my Disney job back?
    {Highest level of laughter ever witnessed in Disney ensues]

  2. More underwear selfies, please.

  3. I thought she preferred chocolate.

  4. She such a beautiful woman. The ice cream is blocking the best part.

  5. If she keeps eating all that ice cream, the next selfies will be in granny panties.

  6. …that’s not ice cream.

  7. There’s ice cream in the window of the shop.
    What a drippy, sticky mess all over the floor.
    Hey! That’s the name of her sex tape. I get it.

  8. sweetlips


  9. She has a bit of Mariah Carey face.

  10. I don’t know who this is, but I’ll assume she’s some innocent child in process of being chewed up by the Hollywood machine and being extruded out of some play-doh fun factory of the soul.

  11. MMMM. A bowl of Andre Drummom semen topped with poo.

  12. “Here, Jennette, hold that a bit closer and I’ll top off that sundae for you.”

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