1. 5 minutes later, the real house owners came home. She barely got away.

  2. I have a strange craving for drumsticks.

  3. dis how chicken open door

  4. I’d love to come home to this.

  5. Pickle Nose


  6. …nothing to see here …literally.

  7. She’s been relatively quiet for a while. Less Kim, more Krupa.

  8. buzz

    Whole lotta nice ass in the gallery today.

  9. cc

    Okay, let’s go for the trifecta…My Krupa and the other two girls on the porch of that cottage. Come on Photoboy, don’t fail me now.

  10. You are as gay as a $3 bill if you don’t get off on her.

  11. By God she is the most beautifulest.

  12. If that’s how chicken look, call me a chicken fucker.

  13. “Honey, I go to barbecue, get you dinner.”

    *BANG* *CRASH*

    “Oh, dat’s going to leave a mark!”

  14. Joanna Krupa posted this pic to Instagram.

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