1. You guys go on ahead; I’ll hang with these girls for a minute.

  2. Those are some beautiful turd cutters.

  3. George P Burdell

    ♫ I bang on that thing til I got
    Blisters on my hand ♫

  4. cc

    The one on the right gets my vote. However, it’s the slenderest of margins.

    (Sadly, none of my cottage weekends featured a view like this.)

  5. I just quoted Fish and used the Superficial as a source in my final thesis for the Masters I’ve been working for 3 years on. Never been more proud…

    Oh, and DEM ASSES

  6. Robb7


  7. buzz

    That’s a great view. And I mean the asses not the woods.

  8. I don’t know who either of them are, and don’t care in the slightest

  9. Red Pants

    The one on the right looks fake to me. I think she’s had little implants.

  10. Jessica Lowndes is the brunette on the right. She was on the CW reboot of 90210.

    I feel like I should also state that I am a woman therefore I am able to supply this factual yet, useless (to you) info that accompanies your beloved breasts and asses. You’re welcome.

  11. “My ass is a breath mint…”
    “My ass is a candy mint…”
    STOP! You’re BOTH right!

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