1. Wrynoceros

    Please be real, please be real, please be real…

  2. Josephus

    Apparently it’s a reality show?

  3. “If you say one word about how your coffee will make a great movie, I swear you’re losing an eye.”

  4. “What happened to me? Oh, some kids thought I was Shia Labeouf and started pelting me with rocks until they realized I wasn’t wearing combat boots…”

  5. “Alright, fine… I’ll never make fun of your purple puffy jacket again. Yeesh!”

  6. “Nothing cures a case of the beatdowns quite like a healthy dose of my old friend, Tolstoy, and a cup of Nepalese tea, brewed from the tears of Maoist rebels. You know what I mean, right Kate?”

  7. EricLR

    Looks like one of his fellow actors got a little too method when they told him he would be playing one of the good people.

  8. Owen Wilson and now James Franco? OK, do we know her whereabouts when Heath Ledger died?

  9. “What did we learn?”
    “We never put down Miss Hudson’s coffee, even if it costs us our life”

  10. James Franco Thought Bubble:
    “Sweet Jeebus, all I did was pat her on the butt.”

  11. Better go unlock my door for Kate Beckinsale’s imminent arrival, since apparently dreams are now manifesting themselves in reality.

  12. “This is the last time I go pan-handling.”

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