1. I see the problem here. She and Eddie didn’t set any ground rules for the remote control dildo game.

  2. She’s moved on from food to electrical stimulation to keep her moving… Amazing…

  3. livingdeadgirl

    Her best ” BUG EYES ” impression

  4. Jc

    Having a luck dragon with you is the only way to go on a quest.

  5. The smell was unmistakable. It was food, and it made her nauseous. Just the way she liked it.

  6. clearly she went to the doctor and said, “give me the Wildenstein.”

  7. EricLR

    Hey, can someone help me with her eyelids?!?!? I think the wires snapped!!

  8. Her eyebrows looked too fat so she stapled them to her forehead.

  9. berthabee

    leann rimes if she lived in iowa on the left

  10. Is she a Grey or a Reptilian? I can never remember.

  11. Beer Baron

    Kathy Lee Gifford is looking great!

  12. Close Encounters of the Gross Kind.

  13. You’d think after two years, LeAnn Rimes would’ve gotten used to the weight of her implants. But no.

  14. Anorexic AND now a Botox compulsion. That’s new.

  15. Looks like the doc pulled her forehead back a little too much.

  16. donkey face

  17. glam

    Just sniffing allll that cocaine into her head..

  18. If she’s not in a bikini, I don’t recognize her.

  19. Has anyone else ever noticed that it looks like the wind is always blowing in LeAnn’s face?

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