1. “OK, action”
    “You turned her against me… you will not take her from me!”
    “OK, Hayden, I like the emotion, but let’s use the lines from the script.
    “Oh! Ha! Sorry guys! One for the blooper reel!”
    “No sweat. …Aaaand action!”
    “I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.”
    “CUT! Hayden, we’re in the city. You are performing a heist!”
    “Oh shit! Haha! Man those lines just stick with a guy…sorry. OK. I’m ready.”
    “Great. And ….ACTION!”
    “If you’re not with me… then you’re my enemy!”
    “For fucks’s sake. Good enough. CUT!”

  2. “So….what have YOU been up to?”

    “Not making Heineken commercials, for a start..”

  3. cc

    Beeker has really changed his look!

  4. Fun fact: Adrien Brody is 8 feet tall.

  5. berthabee

    who’s the more unbelievable version of a homie

  6. My guess is that the movie title “Poor Excuse for Cholos” was taken.

  7. “Pssssst…Marlboros. Take one and pass ‘em on.”

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