1. Which one is Titsdale?

  2. Josephus

    “You know how every group of girls invites one less attractive woman to be their friend, so they don’t seem as bitchy?”

    “Yeah but we don’t do that!”

    “Yes, Ashley. They did.”

  3. Kim

    R, K, F, M

  4. Jazzy Jeff

    Which one is she? They’re all kinda blah but the blonde 2nd from right is ok.

  5. EricLR

    OMG SPRING BREAK ’99!!!!!!

  6. It’s her birfday !

  7. Little Tongue

    What do you do when you’ve had a nose job but still look like you need one?

  8. Nonnie Moose

    She’s cute, with nice tits and a great ass, and she can act well enough to pretend to like it while you’re sticking it in. *I* would hit it.

  9. A recent blind item reveal claims she’s one of the biggest freaks in bed over in Hollywood. Seems legit.

  10. Pretties with titties.

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