1. joe

    I thought Heath Ledger was dead.

  2. Wrynoceros

    Looks like a re- enactment from Caligula

  3. Roseanne, Eric Holder and Victoria Silvedst in a giant cauldron..
    Well this world has been fun, folks!

  4. I know she’s made a living out of blowing old men on yachts, but now women, too?

  5. George P Burdell

    “One old guy made Anna Nicole rich. Two old guys should make me half as rich.” Giggle.
    “But I’m a women.”
    “Well, nobody’s perfect!” Giggle.

  6. jessica

    “Perhaps our talk of lovers has made Catherine yearn for me shinshi shinshi. “

  7. Isnt that the gay “lover” that Oprah would always tote around to disprove the fact she act fat, dyke box?

  8. EricLR

    Damned paparazzo will PAY for interrupting Rosanne Barr’s motor-boating session!

  9. Apparently in Cap d’Antibes Victoria is a GIANT

  10. “You said it was a man and a woman! These are two men! I’m charging double!”

  11. Could you please ask Mr. Jackson and the kids to step out of the pool?

  12. Why is she wearing a bikini top in the bath tub?

  13. “For the last time Mr. Drysdale my name isn’t Ellie Mae.”

  14. hahaHA

    those people are probably her age…

  15. awkward turtle

    “Andre! Where’s Andre? Somebody tell Andre that the $10,000 quote doesn’t include going down on grandma. I’m not saying I won’t do it, I’m just saying it will cost extra.”

  16. Pecas

    For every old man and his gold-digging blond girlfriend, there’s always some Joker-wannabe photobombing the shot…

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