1. Baginaface

    Too bad Karl didn’t fucking kill her.

  2. “Waitz a minoot, she likes to be smacked?
    Get me my heavy gloves!”

  3. “Come with me to Skull Island my pretty…I will show you my giant laser”

  4. His clip-on tie is slipping.

  5. Lagerfeld is my least favorite of the Bond supervillains.

  6. “I slapped her for that awful dress, and now she won’t leave my side.”

  7. EricLR

    Help me kill James Bond and I’ll buy you a plastic surgeon.

  8. “Am I seeing things or is she naked under that night gown?”

    • She might very well be naked underneath that…”frock”…except that I see a snake poking his nose out near her cooter area. Hmmm, it IS Rihanna, so on second thought, I stand corrected!

  9. Goose

    Is this the worst wax museum in the world? VICE thinks so!

  10. rospo

    ”See Madame, this is why I wear sunglasses and glowes all the time – no eye contact and no physical contact with bacteria like THIS”

  11. Juch

    “Why does this woman keep asking me to design fashions that hide bruises?”

  12. Guarantee he’s calling her fat in German.

  13. “Vell dis is lofley girl. Does she accept Euros?”

  14. “Why does this prostitute keep following us?”

  15. Rihanna is one sneeze away from full disclosure.

  16. Am I seeing some Photoshop on her um area, wtf is up with her thigh?

  17. Ana

    Is she wearing a bathrobe? Seriously?

  18. rantatonne

    Are we still allowed to own these? iI so get me 2 and burn the rest.

  19. “See, zis is how a voman should look. Not like you, vit your unmade up face und your boring dress und your boring shoes. Zis is vat you get vit the Socialists. At least Sarkozy knew how to dress his vomen.”

  20. Lissa

    Tell me Darling, is that vag over there? I’ve only heard about it but it looks horrendous!

  21. The movies make the whole vampire thing seem super sexy, but when you see real life vampires it just seem kind of sad and gross.

  22. “Who is zis beetch again?”

  23. Rhianna is such trash and that brassy hair color is tacky as hell

  24. Bacterial culture, maybe.

  25. momo

    just cudnt be any creepier

  26. Rihanna is just starting to get so ugly. All the shitty tattoos and her shitty personality are taking their toll.

  27. ‘And you say this monkey can do a number of tricks?’

  28. If it weren’t for the slutty dress, skanky tattoos and complete lack of decency, Rhianna might look OK here.

  29. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    “I vant to know who gav zis maid zuch an awful outfitz.”

  30. “Please tell this girl a bathrobe is not ‘Fashion’ “



  32. Later

    “Is this the whore i hired? I specifically said no tattoos, no giant dolphin forehead”

  33. awkward turtle

    “Dahling, I would never have agreed to come to this event if I knew they allowed black people.”

  34. Mr. Collar Skeletor.

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