1. Johnny P!

    She’s getting more Lindsay every day…

  2. I hate her, but she has such a tight little body.

  3. Urvag

    Somebody get this chick a good meal and a quart of blood….stat!

    • kimmykimkim

      Are you surrounded by fatasses all day or something? This bitch is in shape. Its called muscle, and you have to eat food to build muscle.

      • lily

        Agree kimmy, but remember the majority of peeps on here live in obeseville and have no concept of what a lean and toned body looks like…calling ashley tisdale anorexic and now miley…such a joke.
        I personally cannot stand Miley Cyrus, but her body is fantastic, balanced, and toned. shes always doing yoga and pilates, and is probably one of the fittest women in the business.
        just cause she isnt a fat fuck like 75% of american women (and 99% of the male commentators girlfriends) she gets ripped. hatersssss

  4. Josephus

    Hayden Panettiere called. She wants her tits back. And her hair. And her stupid-ass expression.

  5. K-Tron

    “I’m doing the yoga now. My daddy don’t want me doin’ no Pilates nomore, cuz he killed Jesus.”

  6. rantatonne

    Miley subconsciously felt the older Hemsworth grope his lasses ass, and is now looking for his brother to demand he do the same to hers.

  7. At least now when someone returns her to Walmart for a refund, they can scan her quick, what with the barcodes.

  8. Mike

    FYI: The rash on your neck is from the coat hanger you left in the shirt.

  9. El Jefe

    Delicious little body getting ruined by more shitty tattoos everyday.

  10. Jenya88

    She looks amazing. All of u guys are just jealous. And u know it.

  11. Bob

    Are her shoulders permanently hunched? She always looks like she’s flexing her shoulders up higher to lift her saggy boobs.

  12. BAHAH

    My God, I cannot stand this slutty hillbilly and her obnoxious laugh…But I want her Pilates body.

  13. I, like most people, could not stand this woman. But ever since she left Disney, I’ve been seeing her in a whole new light. There’s something about her.

    It could be the fact that I want to fuck her, but I don’t think that’s it.

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