1. Crabby Old Guy

    And the TSA goon squad just pissed themselves.

  2. Uhmmm Listen, Captain Creepy, she’s a supermodel… Not some lonely housewife who had pilot fantasies as a kid…

  3. O'chunt

    I had no idea John Waters is also an airline pilot. And straight.

  4. Mike

    Sorry Ma’am. We’ll have to examine your carry-ons. Please take off your shirt.

  5. cc

    They are both rushing to see Jonah Falcon.

  6. She has a lovely body, not to mention she is also a fire-breathing cunt!

  7. Bionic_Crouton

    Hot people don’t wait in line at the airport!.They pre-board and make the pilot carry their bags.

  8. Enviable body, face leaves much to be desired.

  9. tidbit

    The pilot is grinning ear to ear with the prospect of FINALLY joining the mile high club – with himself in the rear bathroom.

  10. me

    Looks like Carmen electra

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