1. Emma Watson's Vagina

    when i look at this i see pedophile. why why why?

  2. Josephus

    Leave it to Thor to give someone the first-ever through-the-pants shocker.

  3. EricLr

    She’s dressed like trailer trash. Are we sure this isn’t the other Hemsworth with Miley?

  4. “Why sure I love you for your brains and personality. Why do you ask?”

  5. “I know how much you love my ass, babe, but the answer’s still no. Thor’s hammer is not going up there.”

  6. Keno

    Whosoever holds this ass, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of THOR!

  7. Mr. Poop

    Looks like a mother grabbing her daughters ass

  8. edamame

    She just had a baby.
    Damn, girl.

  9. Vladmir

    Thor’s Hammer(ing this.)

  10. tlmck

    He’s got one in the stroller and looks like he is trying to get number two in the oven.

  11. Looks like he’s testing a new sophisticated steering system. It’s going to be installed in the new Toyota I hear.

  12. mbcl

    why are they wearing each other’s shoes?

  13. tidbit

    The Mighty Whore

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