1. Tyler Perry

    The guy in row 2 has the right idea

  2. “hey yellowshirt, you wanna drive a while?”

    “no…no, I’m good”

  3. PSA: Go to college, kids
    Or just inherit a buttload of money… Either works.

    • Mike

      Stop giving kids false hope. Going to college does NOT result in earning a buttload of money. Ironically, dropping out might.

  4. Boo

    Bum looking better than yesterday as there was alot of cottage cheese

  5. Hugh Jazz

    It’s nice to see Portia and Ellen out in public together.

  6. So the old guy magnet is now Elle MacPherson?

  7. Crissy

    Nice to see that supermodels from the 90s found a niche after all… high-end escorts ! Nice!

  8. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    In every millionth box of Viagra there’s a golden ticket.

  9. Roger Sterling’s latest LSD trip just got a whoooole lot more interesting.

  10. Zombie Andy Griffith

    Looks a lot better than in some of the recent pics I’ve seen, though there’s something about the creases under her left butt cheek that make me a little uneasy…

  11. cc

    Her ‘I hope the sea is as smooth as glass’
    Him ‘I’m hoping for a light chop’

  12. BDAY55

    what makes a guy wanna put his tongue in a place where he would never, ever think of putting his tongue normally?

  13. Grandpoobah

    from supermodel to less than average, fat old ass….. she really needs to tighten it up

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